Friday, September 19, 2008

Breaking the Silence... with a quiz

He lives!

And by "he" I mean me, not Jesus. Though he lives, too.

Anyway, I always say I'd like to blog here more, and I really would, I just can never seem to squeeze it in among all my myriad commitments. Not that I really have many readers anyway - if Sitemeter is telling me the truth, I rarely get even ten hits in a week here. Which is probably just as well - if I posted more, God knows what kind of crazy stuff would come out.

Anyway, I just took a short quiz on my view of the use of the Old Testament by New Testament authors. Here are the results.

NT Use of the OT -- Test Your View!
Single Meaning, Multiple Contexts and Referents view You seem to be most closely aligned with the Single Meaning, Multiple Contexts and Referents view, a view defended by Darrell L. Bock in the book “Three Views on the New Testament Use of the Old Testament” (edited by Kenneth Berding and Jonathan Lunde, Nov. 2008). This view affirms the singular nature of the meanings intended by the OT and NT authors when OT texts are cited in the NT. In spite of this essential unity in meaning, however, the words of the OT authors frequently take on new dimensions of significance and are found to apply appropriately to new referents and new situations as God’s purposes unfold in the larger canonical context. Often, these referents were not in the minds of the OT authors when they penned their texts. For more info, see the book, or attend a special session devoted to the topic at the ETS Annual Meeting in Providence, RI (Nov. 2008); Walter C. Kaiser Jr., Darrell L. Bock, and Peter Enns will all present their views.
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Courtesy of the Koinonia blog.

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